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Lesson 6

How is a Population of Radish Plants Likely to Change when Hungry Caterpillars Arrive?

Big Idea:

The same process of natural selection that occurs with animals also occurs with plants. Data show how the distribution of trait variants in a population changes over time.

plant page 2 (2).png


Students investigate a case of the radish population being invaded by caterpillars. They predict how the radish hairiness trait might change over time and use their radish plant data to test the 6 Key Steps. 

Materials to Have Ready

​​For each student:

Notebook pages 13-14

Colored pencils

For the class:​

The class graph from Lesson 3

A paper 6 Key Steps for the class to complete in the lesson. Keep and post after completion.*

Plant life cycle video

*L1-L7 teachers should reference the chart at the end of the lesson plan for an example of how their paper 6 Key Steps chart should work. Please contact if there's any confusion!

Download Materials

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