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Lesson 7

How Can We Explain How Anoles Evolved Bigger Toe Pads?

Big Idea:

The same process of natural selection applies with present-day animals – anoles – but it’s easy to misunderstand it.



Students use data from a video about anoles to test whether their natural selection model could explain how anoles got bigger toe pads. They examine statements made by other people about toe pad adaptation in anoles. If necessary, they revise the statements to align with the framework they have developed.

Materials to Have Ready

​​For each student:

Notebook pages 15-16**

For the class:​

The anoles video

Agree and disagree signs

A paper 6 Key Steps for the class to complete in the lesson. Keep and post after completion.

**Please note that we've attached revised versions of the notebook pages. If your notebooks were printed prior to 4/7/23, please use these as a handout for the lesson.

Download Materials

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