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L1-7 Wrap Up and Optional Poster Activity

What Did We Figure Out? What Happens Next?

Big Idea:

Evolution is happening all around us.



Students wrap up the unit by discussing what they did and learned in each lesson using a classroom Natural Selection Journey Line. Additionally, students may do an optional activity in which they create a poster that tells an adaptation story of their own creation.

Materials to Have Ready

​​For each student:

Notebook pages 17-18

For each small group of students:​

Sticky notes

(If doing optional poster activity) - Legal size or chart paper, pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, tape, etc. to create posters

1 okapi poster handout

For the class:​

Natural selection journey poster* 


*You will need to print out and assemble the poster using the files below. Keep in mind that you should cut the white borders off each segment of the poster before posting.

Download Materials

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