Lesson 10

How Does the Story of the Juramayas Relate to All Our Other Stories?

Big Idea: We can use the natural selection explanation we’ve learned over this unit to make sense of specialized traits, the emergence of new species, and how all living things are connected.

Activity: Students listen to a storybook: “How the Harpies Evolved into Juramayas” and discuss how it is the same or different to “How the Piloses Evolved into Miroungas.”
To wrap up the unit, students revisit the “Many hundreds of years ago” and “Nowadays” cases from Lesson 1. They review and revise their initial explanations about a possible mechanism for change over time. Finally, small groups use their knowledge of natural selection and their imagination to create a poster that tells what could happen to their “nowadays” population over many generations following a dramatic shift in the environment. 

Materials to Have Ready

  • Storybook - How Harpies Evolved into Juramayas

  • Pointing guide: https://youtu.be/JXC7oMIVCe0

  • Construction - chart paper or poster board, markers, etc. to create Future Scenario story board or poster.

Video Overview (1:59)

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