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Evolution is the unifying principle of biology. However, it is widely misunderstood. 


Evolution is generally not taught until high school. However, our research shows ….

Our Materials

Our teaching materials help children as young as 5-years-old understand evolution.


The Evolving Minds Project is overseen by the Child Cognition Lab, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Evolving Minds In The News!

BBC World Service Newshour ran a segment on our storybooks! Check out the segment below!

BBC World Service NewsHour - BBC Radio

How the Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses gets its BBC Radio 4 debut! Our director, Deborah Kelemen PhD, talks about our book with Richard Dawkins, Andrew Marr, Cathy O'Neil, and Alex Bellos on Start the Week podcast! Hear about us at 26:23.

The Evolving Minds Project was featured on BU Today. Check it out here

BBC Radio 4 Start the Week: From Darwin to Big Data - Andrew Marr, Richard Dawkins, Deborah Kelemen, Cathy O'Neil, Alex Bellos

Our curriculum was featured in the TERC video showcase -- check it out!

Who We Are

The Evolving Minds Project brings together the expertise of the developmental psychologists and learning scientists of the Child Cognition Lab at Boston University with the education scientists and curriculum design experts of the Technology Education Research Centers. Partnering with teachers, we  provide exciting research-based curriculum materials for teachers and students. We expect to release the new fully piloted research-based Evolving Minds curriculum in 2023.

Who We Are


This research would not be possible without generous
funding from the National Science Foundation, under grants REC-0529599, DRL-1007984, DRL-1561401, DRL-2009176

The Evolving Minds Project brings together the expertise of learning scientists and educators from the Technology Education Research Centers to provide exciting research-based materials for teachers and students. 

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