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Become a Partner School

What are the benefits to participating schools? What are the expectations?

Participation brings many benefits to schools and their students,

but also requires teamwork and help in return. 

What are participating schools promised?

Schools that volunteer for Evolving Minds will be provided with the materials to do the program free of charge.  

  • All Evolving Minds materials are provided to the school free of charge including storybooks 

  • A summer institute for professional development will be provided to teachers in advance of the first year of teaching the curriculum 

  • Regular coaching is provided to Evolving Minds teachers during implementation   

What must participating schools promise?

With any opportunity there is a necessity for work on the school's part as well. This includes helping us assess students' understanding of the Evolving Minds curriculum 

  • A science assessment that measures the efficacy of the Evolving Minds curriculum 

  • Evolving Minds schools must be prepared to work with the Child Cognition Lab team to schedule students early in the year

  • Students who begin work with the Evolving Minds project should not be moved to a different class once the semester is underway.


The Evolving Minds team is committed to the highest level of rigor as we try to provide insights into the way children and adults learn and develop materials that facilitate learning.


Many thanks to each of the amazing organizations and school districts who have helped us to conduct our research and develop our materials!

Attleboro Public Schools

Brookes Charter Schools

Boston Public Schools​

Boys & Girls Club

Newton Public Schools

Somerville Public Schools

Hingham Public Schools

Phone: 617-358-1738
Fax: 617-353-6933
Mailing Address:
Child Cognition Lab
64 Cummington Mall
Boston, MA 02215
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