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Thanks to generous gifts given through our crowdfunding campaign, we are able to give away FREE books to elementary school teachers throughout the US. Fill out the form below to request one! Please note that our books are intended to be used in a classroom read-aloud.

For parents, our book is available for purchase through Amazon, though you are welcome to our free activity materials! 



Looking to request our book for your elementary school classroom?
Looking for our free activity materials?
Many hundreds of years ago most of the piloses had wider noses but nowadays most of the piloses have skinny noses; our book explains why. 

This book has been shown by research to help 5- to -8 year old children learn about natural selection.

Want to learn more? Click here to read about the research behind our book or check out our FAQ!

Watch a read-aloud of How the Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses courtesy of Pembroke Public Schools!

Interested? Please take a moment to read our FAQ! 

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